Tuesday, 2 June 2020

The Moment Anamorphic Lens for the iPhone 11

Over the past couple of months during the Coronavirus lockdown here in Scotland I have been taking a long walk around Belhaven and Dunbar as part of my daily exercise and my iPhone has been my camera of choice during this time.  

Since buying the iPhone 11 at the beginning March I have been highly impressed with the quality of the images and video and while it will never replace my Fujifilm X Series system, it means I have a high quality camera in my pocket at all times.

To improve the flexibility of the iPhone I bought into the Moment lens system.  

Moment are a Seattle based company producing, arguably, the world's best mobile phone lenses.  There are plenty of options to add addition lens options to your mobile phone camera but a lot are cheap plastic or glass that produce low quality results.  

On the other hand Moment lenses are proper optical glass in a metal housing that fit into a Moment phone case with a bayonet mount for security.  

Moment produce phone cases for the iPhone 6 upwards, Samsung Galaxy and Note, Google Pixel and the OnePlus 6 and 7.  The cases fully protect your phone as well as provide the mount to use the lenses.  If Moment don't make a case for your phone, they also produce a clip mount that allows you to use the lenses as well.

In addition Moment have developed a camera app for the iPhone (and Android as well) which gives you full control over shutter speed, ISO, focusing etc, along with the ability to shoot in JPG, TIFF or even DNG (RAW) formats.  It is like having my Fujifilm X-T on my phone.

One of the first Moment lenses I bought was the Anamorphic lens.  'What's an Anamorphic lens?' I hear some of you asking.  Well its a lens for video - but can also be used for stills - that gives you the same aspect ratio as a cinema lens, ie 2.40:1 instead of 16:9 that we get for TV and computer screens.  Also  it produces flares and artefacts that you see on feature films such as the new Star Trek.

This is what they say about the lens on the Moment website - 

You know those drool-worthy horizontal flares that you see in Hollywood movies, yeah we love them too! True anamorphic lenses have unmistakable horizontal lens elements instead of the spherical elements found in most camera lenses. These cylindrical optics and vintage style coatings create unmistakable oval bokeh, unique light artifacts, and horizontal lens flares found in vintage anamorphics.

If you look at the images and the video on this blog you'll see the flares and artefacts and it was something I tried to induced in my video and images by shooting into the setting sun down at Belhaven Bay.

Now that the Lockdown is starting to be eased I will be looking to use this lens on different subjects but, for now, here is a short video I shot using the iPhone 11 and the Moment Anamorphic lens down at Belhaven Bay near my home in Dunbar, Scotland.

Moment ship everything by FedEx from the USA and for orders over $50 shipping is free worldwide.  My order arrived within 4 working days, which was brilliant.  This also wasn't a one off as I placed a second order and that also arrived within 4 days.

Phone cases start at $39.99 for the iPhone 11 and the Anamorphic lens is $149.99 but Moment do bundles so you can save money by purchasing one of these.

In addition to the Anamorphic lens, I have also bought 58mm telephoto, the 18mm wide angle, the 14mm fisheye and the 10mm macro.  I will be doing further blogs on each of these lenses over the coming weeks.

I have really enjoyed being creative with the Moment Anamorphic lens but at the same time been a little frustrated by the fact that my options for subjects to shoot have been limited by the Covid 19 restrictions in place at this time.  I am looking forward to getting back to motorsport resuming so I can give this lens a good run out as the headlights and shiny bodywork should produce some great flares for this lens to pick up. 

If you enjoy using your mobile phone to shoot video or stills I can highly recommend looking at the range of Moment mobile phone lenses.

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