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Fujifilm X-T3: The Next Step Forward

Today (6th September 2018) Fujifilm have unveiled their latest flagship X Series camera, the X-T3, the successor to the X-T2.  The T3 comes with a new 26.1MP X-Trans sensor and new processor, the X-Trans CMOS 4 and X Processor 4, which takes the AF and Video performances of the camera to the next level.
I had the opportunity to test a pre production version of the X-T3 alongside my X-T2 and X-H1 at Silverstone for two days last month and while I didn’t get the opportunity to fully test all of the new functions on the new camera, it certainly delivers in the areas that I need for my work as a sports photographer.
The AF was certainly quick and accurate when shooting trackside at Silverstone, especially with the new XF200mm f2 prime lens.  The X-T2 and X-H1’s AF is already excellent, so the X-T3s increase in speed will probably not be noticed by the average X series user but the X-T3 was certainly quicker to lock on and track a car moving at speed.


Latest Fujilove Article: Fujifilm Finally Brings Out the Big Gun

As a sports photographer I have been waiting in anticipation of the new Fujinon XF200mmF2 for three years. In October 2015 I sat in a meeting room in Fujifilm HQ in Tokyo and explained to the product development team why Fujifilm needed to produce a fast telephoto prime lens.   I had been asked to test the prototype of the XF100-400mm zoom lens the following weekend at Fuji Speedway at the World Endurance Championship event and it was a very nice addition to the Fujinon line up, However I, and many other X-Photographers, still underlined the need for a fast telephoto prime lens with the powers that be at Fujifilm. CLICK HERE to read the full article

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A Change of Direction

Hello, sorry it has been a while!  I have refrained from posting updates on the MacLean Photographic blog since the end of April as I have been mulling over which direction I wanted to go with the features I post.  

For the past five years I have tried to update these pages regularly with interesting articles and reviews but have recently felt this mix has been too eclectic.  So I have decided to concentrate on regular weekly updates on the projects I am working on.

Future Direction for MacLean Photographic
In November I obtained a DJI Mavic Pro drone to evaluate the possibility of using a drone to produce some promo videos to promote the MacLean Photographic workshops.  This has been very successful and given the promo videos an extra edge. 

In May I have upgraded the Mavic Pro to a larger DJI Phantom 4 Pro and I have booked a CAA approved Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) course which will allow me to sell my services as a drone pilot and also the images / video from the drone…

Photographing East Lothian: Barns Ness

In a new series of features I will be focusing on some of the areas I take guests of the MacLean Photographic workshops, starting with Barns Ness Lighthouse.

Barns Ness is located a couple of miles to the east of Dunbar.  The area features two sandy beaches, one at White Sands and the other sweeping around the bay to the east of the lighthouse towards Torness Power Station.

The lighthouse was built in the early 1900s, with the light going operational in October 1901.  It was built, like many of the lighthouses in Scotland, by a member of the family of lighthouse engineers, David A Stevenson, cousin to the author Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island).  The lighthouse at Barns Ness was deactivated in 2005.

For more information on MacLean Photographic workshops please visit the MacLean Photographic website HERE

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VIDEO: Rockhopper of Percuel Part Two - In Full Control

The second full Rockhopper of Percuel episode has been published on the MacLean Photographic Vimeo channel. In part two Skipper Barry Brunton explains the various controls, dials and screens he has in front of him in the Rockhopper's wheelhouse.

As well as the controls and dials for the engines, he explains the chart plotter and GPS system, the auto pilot, a must for him as he is single handed on the 32 foot fishing boat, and the radios, including the emergency system.

The video was shot on a Fujifilm X-H1, a GoPro Hero 5 Black and the aerial images on a DJI Mavic Pro drone.

The Rockhopper of Percuel has a new web presence with the launch of the Rockhopper pages on the MacLean Photographic website HERE.

The site has all of the Rockhopper videos shot to date, seven in total - two episodes and five 'shorts'.

It also features a new online shop for Rockhopper of Percuel merchandise where you can purchase items such as baseball caps, cotton shopping bags, beanie hats, polo shirts an…

REVIEW: Testing the Fujinon XF80mm f2.8 Macro

The XF80mm f2.8 macro was unveiled last year and is the first 1:1 macro lens for the Fujifilm X Series.  With an equivalent 120mm focal length, this lens can double up as a short telephoto / portrait lens as well as magnify small objects.

As someone who does a little bit of macro work I was intrigued to see if the 80mm was a better option than the 90mm f2 Fujinon prime which I use with extenders to allow me to shoot macro shots. There is a cost factor here as well.  The 90mm f2 is £879 compared to £1249 for the 80mm on the Fujifilm UK online shop, so does the 80mm justify the extra £370?  I suppose it depends on the amount of macro work you do.

There are two obvious advantages that the 80mm has.  First it has OIS, the first XF prime to have this, and it can also accept the 1.4x and 2x converters, also the first prime lens to do this after the 50-140mm and 100-400mm zooms.

As a portrait lens the 80mm is fantastic, but it isn't an f2 and this is where the 90mm shines for me.  I use my …

VIDEO: Lochindorb Castle Floating in the Clouds

Just off the B9007 between Forres and Carrbridge in the Highlands of Scotland is the little known ruin of Lochindorb Castle.    Lochindorb means 'Loch of Trouble' and the 13th century castle was built by the Clan Cromyn on a man made island in the centre of the loch.

On a recent visit to Forres I decided to stop off at Lochindorb to scout out the location for a future visit.  The wind had dropped completely and the loch was like a mirror, with the dark peaty water water perfectly reflecting the broken clouds above.

I launched the DJI Mavic Pro to get some aerial footage around the castle as the only other way to approach the ruin is by boat.  The scene below the drone's camera was very etherial and I carried out a 15 minute flight to capture several angles and a few still images before landing the drone on the shore. 

Being low down, and with only one angle from where I was flying the drone, I decided not to shoot still images with the Fujifilm X Series in my bag but have dec…

VIDEO: Rockhopper of Percuel Part One: A TYPICAL DAY

After the first teaser video for the new series of features on the Rockhopper of Percuel, a fishing boat working out of Dunbar Harbour was posted last week, I have put the final touches to the first part of the series.  This is a three minute video entitled 'A Typical Day'.

I went out on Friday with skipper Barry Brunton to film a typical day onboard the Rockhopper.  I was filming and photographing using two Fujifilm X-H1s and two GoPro Hero 5 cameras.

The day started at 5:30am and we headed out just as the light was breaking on the horizon.  We are treated to a fabulous sunrise as Barry deployed the net for the first tow of the day.

At 10am the net was brought back in but the tide and the wind had shifted meaning the sea had started to get a bit choppy.  Barry decided that it was a bit risky doing a second tow in the 32 foot Rockhopper and he decided to head back to Dunbar Harbour with a small catch of prawns.

The next video in the series will be posted next month in April.