Monday, 25 June 2018

A Change of Direction

Hello, sorry it has been a while!  I have refrained from posting updates on the MacLean Photographic blog since the end of April as I have been mulling over which direction I wanted to go with the features I post.  

For the past five years I have tried to update these pages regularly with interesting articles and reviews but have recently felt this mix has been too eclectic.  So I have decided to concentrate on regular weekly updates on the projects I am working on.

Future Direction for MacLean Photographic
In November I obtained a DJI Mavic Pro drone to evaluate the possibility of using a drone to produce some promo videos to promote the MacLean Photographic workshops.  This has been very successful and given the promo videos an extra edge. 

In May I have upgraded the Mavic Pro to a larger DJI Phantom 4 Pro and I have booked a CAA approved Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) course which will allow me to sell my services as a drone pilot and also the images / video from the drone.

One of the features I will write in the near future is on this new drone; how I use it for my work at present and how I intend to use it once I am cleared for commercial operations.

I see video production as an important extension of my photographic business and I am quickly learning how to produce quality short films, including attending a WEX Photo and Video Master Class with Jon Scott in Edinburgh recently.  

I will post a review of this course in the near future.

Projects - Motor Sport
I am currently working on several projects, some local and some further afield.  

I have just returned from the 24 Hours of Le Mans where I was working for the FIA as the Media Delegate and also for the ACO as the Photo Delegate for the event.  Le Mans was Round 2 of the 2018/19 FIA World Endurance Championship, the first being held at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium at the beginning of May.  The next WEC event is at Silverstone in August.

I am also working on the European Le Mans Series and Michelin Le Mans Cup.  We have had two events for this series at Paul Ricard in France and at Monza in Italy.  

One of the video projects I am conducting in the ELMS is following two drivers throughout the season.  The first driver is reigning LMP3 drivers champion Sean Rayhall from the USA and the second driver is reigning Michelin Le Mans Cup LMP3 drivers champion Jean Glorieux from Belgium.  

This is another area I will focus on in a feature in the near future.

Projects - Rockhopper of Percuel
Since March I have been working on a project where I am following one of the local fishermen in my home town of Dunbar, Barry Brunton of the trawler Rockhopper of Percuel.  I have produced eleven videos to date - four full episodes where Barry describes an aspect of owning and operating a 32 foot fishing boat and seven video 'shorts' on a certain aspect of daily life of a 43 year old boat.

I have also produced a sub website with information on the history of the Rockhopper, a page for the videos, a shop for Rockhopper merchandise and a page for the adventures of 'Rocky', the boats mascot.

CLICK HERE for more on the Rockhopper of Percuel

Projects - Fujifilm Sports Photography as a Spectator series
The final feature of the Sports Photography as a Spectator series was recently published and concluded a series of features on twelve different sports from around the UK.  The sport featured in the final article was cricket and was shot at County Durham's match against Kent at the end of April.

The other sports featured were - rugby, rally, canoe slalom, water skiing, circuit racing, eventing, autograss, mountain bike racing, horse racing, football and ice hockey.

I am now working on other features for Fujifilm and I will post links to these features on the MacLean Photographic blog and social media feeds.

As well as the features, Fujifilm invited me to speak on their at The Photography Show and I have been invited to host a workshop later this year (more details coming soon).

Projects - Fujilove Contributor
I have been asked by Fujilove magazine and website to produce a monthly article on various aspects of using the Fujifilm X Series.  The latest article is on shooting environmental portraits pf people at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.  I also wrote an article for the Fujilove magazine and also hosted a webinar on sports photography with another one in the planning stages for later this year.

CLICK HERE to visit the Fujilove website

MacLean Photographic Workshops
This part of my business continues to grow with more people booking a one day course or a two hour Back-to-Basics.  For more information on MacLean Photographic workshops CLICK HERE

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