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Sports Photography Webinar with Clifton Cameras

A couple of weeks ago I recorded a webinar for Clifton Cameras on using the Fujifilm X Series for Sports Photography.  In the video I talk about how I started, the different genres of photography I shoot, how I travel with my camera gear and also how to take sports images with a 'wow' factor in motorsport, canoe slalom, water skiing, eventing, cricket and rugby. The video was published yesterday and here it is. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE SUPPORT THIS BLOG BY VISITING THE ADVERTISERS ON THIS PAGE By clicking on the adverts you are helping support this blog - thank you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeff Carter is a Haida Filters Co-Photographer -  CLICK HERE  to see his profile MacLean Photographic runs Photography Workshops in East Lothian and the Borders of Scotland.   CLICK HERE  for more details and avai

Covering the FIA Historic Regularity Rally in Switzerland

  It's been a busy few weeks and I must apologise for not writing a feature last week. This weekend I was in Switzerland for the Alpine Challenge, which was the final of the 2020 FIA Trophy for Historic Regularity Rallies.  This is the first time I have worked on a regularity rally and it is very different from the other type of rallies I have worked on.   In the FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship the cars compete against the clock, trying to be the fastest through a stage, with the fastest over the two or three days of stages being declared the winner.   In regularity the cars have to complete a stage in a set time, to the nearest minute. They mustn't be quicker or slower or they receive penalty points.  The further away they are from the set time, the more penalty points they receive.  The crew with the least number of points at the end of the rally are declared the winners. The events are held on public roads, with the average speed being 50kph, this is far fr