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REVIEW: The Perfect Photographic Travelling Companion?

My Fujifilm X100 Black Limited Edition - no. 506 of 10,000 units available worldwide Fujifilm X100 Black Limited Edition For the past eight weeks I have been busy working in Brazil, Bahrain, Japan and China and this has left little time to update the blog, so many apologies for the break. Just before the last event in Shanghai I decided to invest in a high end compact camera as I didn't want to take my Nikon D700 and associated pro lenses into the country.  China has strict controls over media visas and a J2 visa in your passport means you have to apply for a J2 media visa on all subsequent visits to the country.  As my job for the FIA World Endurance Championship is as the Media Delegate for the series, I qualify for a F (Business) visa and I didn't want my pro camera equipment to cause me any issues on arrival in the country. I had investigate many options for a compact professional camera, including the Nikon V1 system range, but my heart was turning