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VIDEO: Shooting Timewarp Videos with the GoPro Hero 8 Black

One of the features on the new GoPro Hero 8 Black that I have been using around my home town of Dunbar is the Time-lapse feature that includes Timewarp 2.0, also known as Hyperlapse. This feature allows me to shoot stabilised 4K time-lapse video while on the move, with a choice of two focal lengths, wide and linear, as well.  It also allows me to slow the recording to normal speed with a tap of the screen and then return to the Timewarp with a second tap.  The effect is amazing! The Time-lapse function is easy to select on the Hero 8, it is selected by swiping the touch screen to the right. Timewarp is selected in the sub menu on the back and this can be altered to suit your requirements and saved as a preset.  The resolution can be set to 4K or 1080P for 16:9 format and two setting for 4:3 of 2.7K and 1440P. You can set the speed of the recording, with 2x, 5x, 15x and 30x options available.  The 2x will give 30 seconds of footage from 60 seconds of recording and 30x wit

External Battery Charger for the Fujifilm X-T4

One of the improvements that Fujifilm have made with the new X-T4 is the upgrading of the batteries used by the camera to the more powerful NP-W235 which increases the number of images per charge by 50% over the NP-W126S used in the previous generation cameras such as the X-T3, X-Pro3 and X-H1 cameras. However, Fujifilm have decided not to include an external battery charger with the X-T4 because the batteries can be charged in the camera using a USB-C and power adapter included in the box.    Fujifilm do have a battery charger available, the BC-W235 which charges two batteries at a time, but you have to pay an extra £59.99 for this. WHAT'S THE ISSUE? Now I hear some photographers saying they don't need the external charger as the batteries will last them all day, and that is fine if you can manage like that.  However, for many professional photographers, especially for those in my line of work of sports photography, this doesn't work.  Let's take the 24 Hou

VIDEO: New One Man and His Boat Titles

Today we are unveiling the new theme tune and title sequence for One Man and His Boat. Barry Brunton has been working hard on his new fishing boat, the Lynsey B , since selling the Rockhopper of Percuel at the end of 2018.   Delays in the delivery of the part build Cygnus 21 vessel, and then some significant changes to the regulations concerning the build, have proved to be a challenge for Barry who has been documenting his journey on his new YouTube channel ' One Man and His Boat '. We had produced a new title sequence for his videos in 2019 with a new theme tune bought under licence from   However the music has been removed from the website by the composer and while we were still legally able to use it, we decided to look for a new track to go with an updated title sequence.  The track we found is called "Celtic Trailer" by Valentina Gribanova. Once we had the music, the next job was to update the video clips and match it to th

A First Review of the Fujifilm X-T4

This week I am going to look at the new Fujifilm X-T4, which Fujifilm started shipping to customers who had pre ordered their cameras last week. I have owned every edition of the X-T line up since the X-T1 was launched in 2014 and I still have an X-T2 and X-T3.  So, what makes the X-T4 worth buying? Pre Production Testing My X-T4 arrived a couple of days ago but, as a Fujifilm X-Photographer, I did get to test a pre-production sample in February for a few hours while I was working at the FIA World Endurance Championship event in Texas.  I was supposed to have an X-T4 for a four-day test in March at the 12 Hours of Sebring in Florida, but, like many things recently, the Covid19 pandemic put the kybosh on that.  So, I am now playing catch up. What I found with my short time with the camera in Texas was the layout of the buttons and dials is almost identical to the previous generation X-T models, which is a good thing. This made shooting with the camera really easy,

VIDEO: How Tough is a GoPro?

GoPro action cameras have a reputation for high quality video, as well as being well built and being able to withstand a lot of punishment.  You also pay a lot more for a GoPro, with a lot of cheaper action cameras available on the market which can also shoot at 4K.  So, are you paying for the name and reputation when you buy a GoPro or is the extra money worth paying?  Well I think it is and I will tell you a story of why I trust GoPro when working out in the field. I have been using GoPro cameras in the videos I produce since 2017 when I invested in a GoPro Hero 5 Black and a GoPro Hero 5 Session.  During last year’s FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship, I would place the GoPros in places I couldn’t stand to get some dramatic shots to add to the review videos I had been commissioned to produce from each event. In May 2018 I inadvertently put GoPro’s reputation to the test during a car photoshoot.  I made two ‘rookie’ mistakes during a tracking shot, wh