VIDEO: New One Man and His Boat Titles

Today we are unveiling the new theme tune and title sequence for One Man and His Boat.

Barry Brunton has been working hard on his new fishing boat, the Lynsey B, since selling the Rockhopper of Percuel at the end of 2018.  

Delays in the delivery of the part build Cygnus 21 vessel, and then some significant changes to the regulations concerning the build, have proved to be a challenge for Barry who has been documenting his journey on his new YouTube channel 'One Man and His Boat'.

We had produced a new title sequence for his videos in 2019 with a new theme tune bought under licence from  

However the music has been removed from the website by the composer and while we were still legally able to use it, we decided to look for a new track to go with an updated title sequence.  The track we found is called "Celtic Trailer" by Valentina Gribanova.

Once we had the music, the next job was to update the video clips and match it to the track.  Because the Lynsey B is still being built I used some of the clips I had taken during the Rockhopper episodes and also the aerial shots of Dunbar Harbour.  These were mixed with the Lynsey B arriving on the trailer from the builders and shots that Barry had filmed during the build.  

Add in a bit of cinematic polishing in Adobe Premiere Pro and here is the final video that is being used for the first time today on Episode 52 of 'One Man and His Boat' -

Check out the One Man and His Boat channel on YouTube HERE and don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

Once the build is complete we will be joining Barry Brunton and the Lynsey B to film some more in-depth videos on life as a fisherman on the South East coast of Scotland.

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