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No Such Thing as Bad Weather for Photography

Some photographers wish for clear blue skies and perfect conditions but, while I agree with this to a degree, there is nothing like the light just before or after a spell of bad weather.  This was the case on a recent trip to Oban in Scotland where the West Coast was being battered by waves of rain fronts coming in off the Atlantic.  The weather could be described a typically Scottish and made for some dramatic images as the rain approached, went through and then the sun would break through the clouds to spotlight areas of the wonderful scenery. The most important thing to remember is to be prepared for the worst that Scotland's weather can throw at you. Wear the correct clothing and protect your camera gear but most importantly don't put yourself in a dangerous position whether on the coast or up a mountain. You also need to work fast.  The sunlight on the waves breaking at Seil Island lasted a few minutes before the rain clouds closed in.  See the picture and anticipate t