Tuesday, 16 June 2020

The Moment 14mm Fisheye for the iPhone 11

The 14mm Fisheye is the second of the five Moment lenses I have for my iPhone11 and it is also the one I have used the most over the past two months.

Fitted over the standard lens on the iPhone 11, the Moment 14mm Fisheye gives an ultra wide 170 degrees angle of view, which is a lot wider than the 120 degree offered by the wide angle lens on the iPhone.  The Moment lens is also designed to give this impressive view without any vignetting in the corners, but you do have to be careful to keep your fingers from creeping into the edge of the frame as you hold the phone to take the shot.

Like all the M Mount Moment lenses the build quality of the 14mm Fisheye is superb with optical glass surrounded in an all metal chassis.  The Moment 14mm Fisheye boasts additional elements of bi-aspheric glass compared to the previous 15mm model.

Also, because it fits over the standard lens on the iPhone 11, the Fisheye gives the user the option of using Night Mode, when the iPhone's built in ultra wide angle lens doesn't.

Over the past few weeks I have been using the Moment 14mm Fisheye during my 'Lockdown' walks and have found it to be a great lens on the iPhone 11.  Like all fisheye lenses you can use the effects of the ultra wide to get some whacky bendy verticals.  You do have to be careful when shooting landscapes so as not to get 'bendy' horizons, unless, of course that is your intention.

At just under $100, with free international FedEx delivery, this is a great lens for the price.

All in all I love this lens when I am out and about with my iPhone 11.

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