Fujiholics Edinburgh Photo Walk - Last Test of the X-T10

Last Sunday I joined fellow X-Photographer Matt Hart and some other X-Series users for a Fujiholics Street Photography walk around Edinburgh. It was also the last opportunity for me to test out the Fujifilm X-T10 before it was returned to Fujifilm HQ in Bedford.  I will give my conclusions at the bottom of this blog.

I will be the first to admit that Street Photography is not my forte but I do like observing people.  The X-T10 and 90mm is a perfect combination for me as the small X-T10 doesn't attract attention while the 90mm f2 allows me to stand further back and blend into the background.

Most of the images on this blog were taken on the X-T10 - 90mm combination but there are some images taken on the X-T1 and 16mm f1.4.

We started our walk at Haymarket railway station and headed towards Grassmarket where there are plenty of bars and cafes where the tourist hang out.

We then headed up Victoria Street with the old building built on the steep hill below Edinburgh Castle, which looms over the road.  We then headed up onto the Royal Mile with its street entertainers and artists attracting big crowds at this time of year.

After we had finished photographing people on the Royal Mile we headed off to Calton Hill with its spectacular views over Edinburgh.  While not as crowded as the Royal Mile, Calton Hill is also a big draw for visitors to Edinburgh. So we spent a bit of time observing the people looking at the views over Scotland's capital city.  

There were plenty of people taking the opportunity to get a 'selfie' on their phone and this made great images for our little group of photographers.

We then walked down the north side of Calton Hill walking back to St James Square for a quick cake and coffee break, which is a Fujiholics tradition.

After refreshments we walked along Princes Street and then Rose Street to grab a last few shots before going our separate ways.  Edinburgh is a great city for photographic walks as there is so much variety in a relatively small area.

Check out the Fujiholics website and Facebook page for more photo walks and other events around the country.

X-T10 Conclusion
For me the last three weeks with the Fujifilm X-T10 has been a revelation.  I didn't expect to love this camera but I do.  I have already reviewed the X-T10 on this BLOG and I have used it in favour of the X-T1 to give the camera a good test.  

I am so impressed with this camera!  I have to replace my X-Pro1 in the near future and it is a choice between getting a second X-T1 or an X-T10.  Because the X-T10 is smaller and lighter and not as 'in your face' as the X-T1 I am steering towards getting an X-T10 as the X-Pro1 replacement.  I am certainly very sad to see the X-T10 heading back to Fujifilm.  I have a trip to Paris and Dusseldorf in the next two weeks and when I get back I will have to decide. 

In the meantime I can highly recommend the X-T10.  If you are still undecided which camera to get check out this excellent Fujifilm Blog by Marc Horner, who explains the differences in spec in very simple terms.

Images taken on a Fujifilm X-T10 and XF90mm f2  or an XT1 with a XF16mm f1.4.

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